Client Portals that allow your clients to conveniently make payments online

Optionally turn on the Client Portal and get approved for credit card processing in minutes.  Clients can conveniently make payments online. 

Let us show you how.

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Mango Billing Payments Take the Pain Out of Getting Paid!

Flexible Client Portal with many customized options.
Don’t want to use the Client Portal, no problem, we still have streamlined cash receipts processing.

Client Portal

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Custom Branded Client Portal

Your clients will see your firm name when logging into the client portal.


Simple and Secure

With SSL encryption all credit card transactions are securely processed.  Allow clients to update and change credit card files.  Optionally allow editing of client bio information.


Modernize Your Practice

Allow clients to review open invoices.  Invoices can be previewed, printed and selected for payment.  Partial payments are allowed.  Receive email notifications when payments are made in the portal.  

Cash Receipts Processing

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Multiple Payment Types

Annotate what type of payment was received.   Ability to handle Credit Memos and print the Credit Memo.


Advance Payments/Retainers

Receive advance payments and apply during Manual Invoicing or in Cash Receipts Entry.  


Credit Card Processing

If credit card processing is activated, credit cards can be processed during cash receipts entry.  

Modern Payments Processing with Client Portals

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