Firm-wide Scheduling to track appointments with email notifications

Firm-wide scheduling that takes managing appointments to the next level.  Shared calendars allow for centralized scheduling.  2-way sync with Google Calendars.

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Web-Based Appointment Scheduling That Has Your Back

Our online scheduling application has everything you need to grow and manage your appointments.  Optionally turn on email notifications for staff.

Appointments & Scheduling


Show Users

Select User calendars to view.  Custom color for each user.


Calendar Views

Change views to Day, Work Week, Month, Week, Agenda and Timeline.

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Add Events

Click any where on the calendar to quickly add an event.


Drag Events

Change times or day by dragging event. Or delete directly on the calendar.

Event Dialog

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Recurring Appointments

Easily setup recurring appointments that can be edit individually or by series.


Multiple Attendees

Ability to add multiple attendees for events.


Add All-Day Events

Easily designate an event as an All-Day event.


Notes/Memos on Appointments

Easily add unlimited amount of notes to appointments

Calendar View – Agenda

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Agenda View

The agenda view is available on each User’s Dashboard.


Calendar Preferences

Each user has the flexibility to set calendar options. Work Time Visible, User Color, Default View, Starting Weekday, and Default Time Interval.

A Powerful Appointment & Scheduling Platform That Goes With You

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