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Engagement based billing gives you the control needed for tracking  time and expenses.  Engagements streamline invoicing and give you powerful practice management reporting.

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Engagement Management Tools to Improve Workflow

Tracking Time and Expenses by Engagements allow Work Activies to be Segmented by Engagement.

360 Degree View of Engagements


Invoice & Expense History

Drill-down to the information you need by project or engagement.  Easily see Invoice History, Expenses, Open Time, Contacts and Notes.


Fixed Fee & Hourly Billing

Flexibility to streamline your invoicing.  See Batch Billing to see how you can quickly invoice by filtering by engagements.  Ability to change Fixed Fees on-the-fly.

Simple & Fast Assignment of Engagements to Clients


Setup is a breeze!

After importing clients, engagements can be quickly assigned in bulk.  Create a custom Engagement Name.  Using custom Invoice Descriptions will streamline invoicing significantly.


Filter Clients

Selecting a Client Type will filter the list to quickly assign specific engagements.

Engagement Based Billing & Invoicing.  Check Us Out!

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