Dashboards that show key information you need at a glance.

Stay organized and motivated with dashboards!

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A Simple To-Do List that is Clutter-Free

Stay focused. Keep it simple.  No more sticky notes!


Filters & Search

Easily filter or search for the To-Do items you need see.  By Status, Priority or Category or simply start typing in the search bar. 



You can add new To-Do’s from the dashboard, or the Quick-Add button which is available anywhere in the application.

Company Dashboards That Tell A Story

Our approach to designing dashboards is like art-work.  Layouts that are easy to read and provide the information needed to know performance and easily identify trends.

Comparative Information

Easily spot trends by easily comparing key metrics to prior years and periods.  

What's Important

Seeing important numbers in real-time lets you quickly see performance.

User Dashboards That Inform

Get all your information in one place.  

Motivational & Goal Oriented

If you are tracking time, see your billable and non-billable time at a glance.  Visually see if you are on target to meet goals.  Visually see how your work week is shaping up.  The Leaderboard is a motivational tool showing rankings for the entire organization.

Appointments in Agenda View

See all your important information including your appointments on the Dashboard.

Powerful Dashboards For Managing Your Business

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